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About the Artgod mural

Croydon’s Artgod mural is one of the coolest street art creations in the Arts Quarter. The medium of stencil on glass gives the image a reflective quality, allowing viewers to see themselves within it. It has endured for many months, thanks to the resurgence of street art around this part of Croydon. Graffiti is a big part of the local arts scene in Croydon and it is very accessible for everyone.

Artist James Veitch, who is also known as Artgod, created this mural on a Park Street window in 2017. It is a spray-painted piece, stenciled onto the glass itself. The image shows a man wearing sunglasses and a white shirt. His hands are clasped together as though in prayer, and he appears to be reflecting on some important spiritual or personal truth. The subject is the artist himself, and the image is based on a photo portrait, or perhaps a self-portrait.

The viewer of the portrait also feels the sense of self-reflection which the painted figure portrays. The glass window captures the mirror image of the street behind, and of the person standing in front. The figure seems to be standing right there on the street, as part of Croydon itself. Though the sunglasses give little away about the man represented in the picture, you can certainly feel his sense of calm and peace – even among the busy London streets.

Supporting our Croydon community

Croydon Removals is extremely proud of the local arts culture in Croydon. We are taking this opportunity to celebrate local artists and also the area we work in. We hope you enjoy our photo blog, which features examples of graffiti artwork from in and around Croydon. See this mural for yourself, and also plenty of other artworks, by visiting Croydon’s Arts Quarter between Park Street and St George’s Walk.