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Any removal company needs a fleet of modern and well maintained vehicles, designed to perfectly fit the needs of its customers. Croydon Removals vehicles are modern which gives you a great experience in your move. They should be Eco-friendly. Each vehicle has a driver and assistant who are responsible for it. Their job is to maintain the high standard of the vehicle. All of them are dedicated to their job. They do a lot of things to make your move comfortable.

Especially, we have different kinds of vehicles to satisfy the different needs in terms of size and capacity. For instance, a 3.5 ton Luton transit is one of the work horses of the removal industry. This is good for the small and average type of removals. Another 3.5 ton Luton called the “tail lift”, which is good for larger fridge and freezer removals.

Croydon Removals vehicles for secured moves

Insurance for up to £50,000 covers your goods being moved in our vehicles. We run the business in an environmentally responsible way, making an effort to reduce the carbon foot print and to manage the resources more effectively. As the HGV vehicles are less than 5 years old, their harmful emissions are as low as possible. Our staff at removal company in Croydon is environmentally aware. So, they check and maintain their vehicles regularly.

We believe that it is very important to have Eco-friendly vehicles. Today, our customers are very keen on this and very interested. They want a good service while we also protect the environment and its surroundings. As our business cares about the natural world, we are heading for a more environmental and a more Eco-friendly world of business. There is no doubt about it, our customers welcome this trend in the world today. Every customer wants to have a stress free removal service in a sound Eco-friendly environment. So, we know we must maintain our vehicles at Local Removal Company Croydon to a high standard as our customers need it and they expect it today.

Call us today, so you can have a stress free removal service with a fleet of well equipped vehicles. We cater for the needs of our customers both locally and internationally.