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Storage service, this is one of the most important stages within a moving process. Your belongings should be wrapped, packed as well as stored in a secure place. Most removal companies don’t have their own storage facilities. At Croydon Removals, we are different. Removals Croydon storage service team can store your belongings securely in our own warehouses. We use only our own ware houses to keep your belongings safe. This way, we can guarantee the security and the quality of the storage unit.

The process of Removals Croydon storage service

Removals Croydon can provide you with different types of storage units, according to your needs. Normally, for small amounts of storage, we use small scale storage facilities. If you are not ready to have your belongings at this time, we have long term storage facilities. Moreover, if you are about to move internationally, we can help you to pack your belongings and store them securely. We have our own warehouses across the world for your convenience. So, we are uniquely able to give you the best experience of moving.

After your first phone call, one of our team members will come to assess your needs. Then we will give you a check-list. If you are happy with our quotation, we will come to your place on the day of your removal. What you have to do is just sit back and relax. All of your furniture will be packed separately. After the packing process, we will be happy to store your belongings until you are ready to have them back. We pay attention to the storage process. We know how important your belonging are. There is a lock for each and every box we have. Moreover, all our warehouses have 24 hour CCTV coverage. You need not worry about the safety of our storage service. If you select Removals Croydon storage facility, we will ensure your belongings are undamaged.

How Removals Croydon storage service team give you an affordable service?

Removals Company Croydon has more than 10 years of experience in the removal industry. All the team members are professionals as well as local people. In addition to that, there’s a regular training for every member of the storage team. They know that the storage service is very important to make the whole moving process complete. Therefore, they follow new trends, technology and methods to make the storage service more effective and efficient. Finally, we are please to have become the leading storage service provider in Croydon. The safety of your belonging is our aim, as well as yours. Simply, call us for more information about our services.