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Artist creates Stormzy mural

In recent years, the Croydon graffiti scene has exploded. Local street artists are celebrating the local culture with gorgeous accessible artwork, which is popping up all over the town. New and emerging artists work alongside experienced, well-established painters to produce stunning street murals. These are located around the town of Croydon. This incredible Stormzy mural is just one example of how Croydon is being transformed by street art.

The portrait of grime artist Stormzy is located on Park Street, in the heart of Croydon. The painter is local artist Alec Saunders, who has also had his work displayed in Croydon’s galleries. It pays tribute to local musician Stormzy, who is a respected who was figure born and raised in Croydon.

In this portrait, the artist has captured the grime music star’s serious side. It shows Stormzy turned to the side, watching something – or someone – with a rather cynical expression. It aims to reflect the political side to Stormzy which dominates his music and his public persona. Stormzy is well known for his outspoken rap style, and also for his passionate political speeches.

Saunders himself is better known on the street art scene as Colour Blind. He specialises in portraiture and mixed media. The Stormzy mural is unusual because it is one of Saunders’ only public graffiti pieces. However, it is also one of his best known works and it has attracted national attention for the artist.

Discover Croydon’s thriving art scene

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