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The Croydon Arts Quarter

You will find this incredible mural at the start of the Croydon Arts Quarter. The image you see here is just one part of the artwork. It spans across several boards, decorating an old and empty store and office block. You can see it for yourself when you visit Croydon. It is located on Park Street which is close to George Street.

Croydon has undergone significant urban regeneration in recent years. This includes an emergence of street art. Previously, the arts scene in Croydon was kept behind closed doors, in galleries and exhibitions. However, a new community project has brought street art back to Croydon. Now the arts quarter features stunning painted murals and also an ever-changing graffiti wall.

Croydon’s trio of cityscape murals

The set of three murals is perhaps one of the finest pieces of artwork in the whole of the Arts Quarter. Artist and illustrator Dan Kitchener, better known as Dank, created the image set. This image shows the main part of the city scene. It features a busy Croydon street, complete with traffic, pedestrians, heavy rain and bright lights.

The nightscape reflects a different side of Croydon to other murals around the town. The photorealistic scene shows the hustle and bustle of the big city in perfect detail. The very modern streets of London are shown with the sprawling skyline, and also the packed crowds. Kitchener captures the essence of a wet London night with the spectacular scene. It proudly proclaims the essence of life in London, and it is a great gateway into the Arts Quarter.

Croydon Removals

Croydon Removals is your local removals specialist. We appreciate the arts, and we support our local community. We are proud to be part of such a diverse district of London. You can learn more about the art of Croydon with this photo blog, and also discover the local community through our local news section.