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The Fierce Femme regeneration project

The Fierce Femme project started in 2015, as part of an effort to regenerate Croydon’s streets – and also to kickstart its art scene. This mural was one of many pieces painted by local artists. It celebrates the local area and its multiculturalism. It appears on the shutter of a closed snack bar, right in the heart of Croydon.

Local economist and art specialist Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison spotted that Croydon was lacking in an accessible street art scene. He set up the Fierce Femme event, inviting female street artists and the also wider community to celebrate women through their artwork. The event also established a legal Croydon graffiti wall for artists.

The graffiti wall, and also this stunning mural, are located on St George’s Walk. Morrison has also worked with community groups to establish the Rise Gallery. This is an artistic hub for the Croydon region. Many local artists, plus big names like Banksy. are showcased at this gallery.

About the mural

Like many great pieces of street art, the artist for this piece has not been widely publicised. We do know that it was produced as part of the Fierce Femme event. It features two young women. One is presenting the other with a jar of artichoke hearts. The French caption translates as “I think you have an artichoke heart”. The image is about being fickle in love. The accuser is asking her friend to be true about the love she shares with others.

Croydon Removals has created this series of photo blogs to celebrate the community we work and live in. We have collected photos of this piece, and also of other artworks, to showcase the local art scene. You can see these artworks for yourself with a trip around Croydon. There are no walls or entrance fees keeping these magnificent murals from the public. Street art is free and everybody can enjoy it.