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The Paint Jam Exchange Project

This great mural is a fine example of Croydon’s stunning street art. It appears in the Croydon Art Quarter, which also hosts many graffiti pieces by other local artists. The Croydon graffiti scene is made possible thanks to legal painting spaces, and collaborations between artists. This piece was created by a number of artists, working together to bring colour and energy to the streets of Croydon.

This mural was created during the Paint Jam Exchange festival. Artists from all over Croydon have been transforming public spaces with spray cans and stencils. Many of these Paint Jam events are held in conjunction with the RISE Gallery, which is a community arts hub and also an exhibition space. A number of legal graffiti spaces have been established. These include walls, windows and also empty stores, huts and storage containers.

The image here shows the efforts of a community artist collective. The structure is a disused temporary building, previously used as a retail outlet. Nearby electrical boxes have also been incorporated into the final design.

The collective which produced the image is led by artist Itaewon. Other contributors include Morgandyart, Autone, Kapesex and Eska. Together, they have created a psychedelic masterpiece which certainly livens up a dull and underused space. The piece is located in the heart of Croydon’s Arts Quarter, between Park Street, Katherine Street and St George’s Walk.

Supporting the arts in Croydon

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