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Croydon Graffiti Art Vandalised by Authorities Revealed! There’s a long-standing debate whether graffiti is an art or an act of vandalism. This article recognises a positive contribution of graffitis in the city centres and reveals the act of vandalism on graffiti by the authorities.

The London Borough of Croydon is decorated by the finest graffitis in the UK. At some point in its recent history, the borough underwent a drastic deterioration of some of its commercial real estate. What we are currently seeing in Croydon is a lot of large buildings, especially those located in the city centre, not being used for any particular purpose apart from serving as large graffiti displays.

Nestlé Tower, Park Lane, Croydon, UK

The graffiti of Croydon not only decorate the city centre but serve as one of its main assets significantly distinguishing Croydon from other parts of London and creating a positive ecosystem that attracts the creative talent to the borough and helping the innovative and creative businesses to thrive due to access to the rightly skilled local labour force.


Croydon Graffiti Art Vandalised by Authorities Revealed

The company contracted to provide security to the real estate on which one of the finest of Croydon’s graffiti is presented, seems to be indifferent to the role the Croydon’s graffiti play to the local community. We witnessed one of the security staff vandalises beautiful graffitis by placing the information banners on them without any consideration to the value of the artwork to the aesthetics of the local area.

Nestlé Tower, Park Lane, Croydon, UK

The security company chose to cover the main features of Croydon’s graffiti with their banners rather than having those banners placed in a less conspicuous way. The author of this article (staff member of Croydon Removals) believes that finest examples of Croydon graffiti deserve a legal protection as it positively influences the architectural balance in the city centre and promotes the distinctive identity of Croydon as the borough of London. Croydon Graffiti Art Vandalised by Authorities Revealed!